Will Low Vision Exam Transcript

Hey Thomas, it’s me, Will, and, ah, I’m goin’, this is a video of how my, um, my appointment with Dr. Alibhai went, and some advice for you. One is, don’t be nervous. Two, I mean, he’s a really nice guy, so don’t be nervous. And, number 2, you get to try out all sorts of cool gadgets, and remember this thing? This is the monocular from one of my first videos? [holds monocular to his eye and focuses] Focus it like this, and put it over your eye. Dr. Alibhai is the guy that will prescribe you things like this. To prescribe means to, give the word to let you use it. Like your doctor will prescribe you medicine. And, yeah, so, he can, if you want to try out some monoculars you can, and you might be able to use one in school. So you don’t need to move closer to the SMARTboard anymore, you can move farther away [smiles]. And…Yeah, see ya!